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Introducing Gift Boxes
Written By: Heather Snow ~ 2/23/2021

BLOG_GiftBoxes_02232021.jpgWe are so excited to bring you our custom Gift Boxes! Creating a custom gift box takes giving to a whole other level. One that for the recipient(s) can be an unforgettable experience. In today's instant gratification era creating a lasting impression can be hard to do. And if you are like me, you want the recipient(s) to remember that specific gift was from you while simultaneously remembering the time they received the gift and opening of the gift. So how do we make receiving a gift box the ultimate experience?

We have three box sizes with each holding a variety of items, which allows for a wide range of budgets. We have listed some examples of combos that will fit in each gift box. In our shop we will break down this information for you as well in each gift box description.

Our small gift box fits 2 to 3 items. Combos such as; 1 t-shirt and 1 of our drink wear items. This combo would be great for a birthday gift, wedding party gifts, graduation or retirement gift. For baby gifts this could hold up to 5 items such as; 2 shirts, 1 tutu, and 2 bibs. This gift box measures 8x7x3 and will ship in a USPS Priority Mail medium flat rate box.

Our medium gift box fits 3 to 5 items. Combos such as 1 t-shirt and bottom item, 1 baseball cap or one of our drink wear items. This combo would be great for a birthday gift, wedding party gifts, graduation, or retirement gift. This box can also fit 1 hoodie sweatshirt. For baby gifts this could hold up to 4 shirts, 1 tutu, and 3-4 bibs. This gift box measures 12x8x4 and will ship in a USPS Priority Mail large flat rate box.

Our large gift box fits some of our larger items. 1 of our luxury bath robes fits in this box and would be great to send to the newly engaged couple, newlyweds, retirees, or for a birthday gift. Combos such as; 1 hoodie sweatshirt and 1 of our drink wear items, or 1 t-shirt and 1 hoodie sweatshirt. 1 beach towel and 1 tote, cinch pack, or fanny pack will fit and make a great pool or beach set! This gift box measures 15x11x4 and will ship in this box USPS Priority Mail.

There are so many combinations you can put together in our gift boxes for your recipient(s), all custom made for them, it will surely bring them happiness. Each gift box is prepared with a Mad Merch Made sticker on top of the box. We layer inside white tissue paper first and then gray paper shreds. We then add all your custom items folded and displayed neatly. We then fold over the tissue papers and with a charcoal gray sheer ribbon tied in a bow. If you choose to include a personal message on one of our custom handmade cards, we place it under the ribbon. Your custom made gift box is then complete and ready to be prepared for shipping.

We are so excited to launch this addition to the services we offer our customers and hope you have an amazing experience putting together your custom gift box. Head on over to our page and check out the options we have for you in our gift boxes section!


P.S. We love when our customers tag us in their social media posts and especially ones that include gift boxes!

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