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BEST OF 2020
Written By: Heather Snow ~ 1/12/2021


What is our BEST OF 2020, and how did we survive the year with a pandemic? Both are great questions! 2020 sent the world into crisis leaving in its path destruction and loss. Not only did a pandemic of epic proportions cause the deaths of so many (and continues to do so), it also caused the closure of many large and small businesses.

It's easy to think a small shop like ours would fold from 3 months of lock down and no business happening, but with life still moving on in what seemed like a virtual reality game people still needed us. Life didn't stop inside all of our homes even if it did outside. Birthdays, anniversaries', high school & college graduations, and babies being born all continued to happen regardless of time standing still. Celebrating these life milestones still needed to happen, even if it was only with the people in your home. Author and internationally known speaker John Stahl-Wert says it is important to celebrate milestones and three of those resonate more as we reflect on the year of 2020:

  • As humans we are called to grow. “Becoming more” is essential. We suffer when we don’t grow. Every milestone deserves notice. It is affirmation of an accomplishment.
  • Growth is nourished by encouragement. Celebrate even the small steps because “small is where big comes from.” We guide others toward bigness through encouragement
  • Celebrating milestones reminds us to give thanks for everyday moments. When we pause to celebrate something that is noteworthy, the act of slowing down invites us to notice everything else.

With all of those in mind I present to you our Best of 2020 (photo from left to right):

Monogramed Beach Towel, Cousin Crew tee, Wilderness Infant Side Snap shirt, Class of 2021 decals, Patch and Switch Hoodie and Tee, Redmond Mustangs est. 1964 hoodie, Seniors The One Where They Were Quarantined tee, Two Toddler Birthday tee, IDM vs. Covid-19 Light Saber tee, Adventure Awaits infant bandana, Future Cal Poly Student yard sign, The Dills tees

We have said it before and are saying it again; the creativity our customers allow us is the best part of what we do! These are just a few of the amazing items we customized in 2020. Why they are the Best of 2020 is because they represent the year and the impact they had on us. These all represent growth, encouragement, and milestones being celebrated. We may be small, but we are mighty and 2020 sure left a mark. We are looking forward to bringing some awesome products and designs to 2021 and all the creativity we have yet to experience. Are you ready for it?

We are so grateful for every order we received in 2020 and every one of our customers. We truly wouldn't be here without you!




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