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How Did We Get Our Name, Mad Merch Made?


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How Did We Get Our Name, Mad Merch Made?
Written By: Heather Snow ~ 12/17/2020


Picking a business name isn't always as easy as you initially think. I have 2 daughters who's names both start with the letter M, so I thought including that in the name would be putting a little part of me in the name. Considering that there is a very large chocolate company who owns the rights to M&M I knew that was definitely off the table! So playing around with words that began with M led me to merchandise and mercantile. Since I knew this venture wasn't going to begin in a store front mercantile didn't seem right. Merchandise is long and when your beginning to think of a website or email address it's too long! Then I thought about shortening it to merch and began looking up words that started with m and paring them with merch. I was talking this over with a friend via text and she just started sending me words and one of them was mad. I said it over and over to myself and it weirdly worked and sounded way better than anything I was coming up with! I sent out a few texts to family and friends asking for their thoughts and they all liked it. I set out to get all my licensing and permits and began my path to bring Mad Merch to life.

It wasn't until we started making products that I decided I needed to add onto the name and make it Mad Merch Made. We are making a product for our customers. It's made with our hands, sweat, cuts, burns, and love for creativity. Through the process it evolved and became not just a representation of me, but what we create at Mad Merch Made.


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